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Kailyn (f9bamajv@yahoo.com)
Datum:Di 17 Jan 2017 14:30:12 CET

I like the fact that Dell seem to have also realised that design matters, their new laptops look really good, th2r1#8e%267;ye doing nice slim cases in different colours. I think that will also help attract some potential Mac users.Of course having a decent Unix based OS can%26#8217;t hurt either though


Anna in Nashville USA (annapextra-gb@yahoo.de)
Datum:Mo 25 Sep 2006 04:26:44 CEST
Betreff:Gruesse von alten IDA Freundinnen

Lieber Stephan. ... hier sitzen Ursel (Essen) und ich gerade um halb 10 Uhr abends in Nashville friedlich und froehlich bei Rotwein (ich) und Gin-Tonic (Ursel) und erinnern uns an unsere Internetanfaenge, an "IDA imAusland" ... und an die "Kinder" die Angelika, Ursel und ich adoptierten..... und ohne deine Zustimmung hatten entweder ich oder Angelika dich damals auch adoptiert..... na ja.. ist ja lange her.

Wir hoffen, es geht dir gut und gruessen dich herzlich... Anna und Ursel.


Tom Bepler (tbepler@thechainman.com)
Datum:Di 21 Mär 2006 21:43:05 CET
Betreff:Been a long time since we talked.

I was just searching my way around the internet and found your home page and thought it was time to chat again. I retired from the Army and now I'm working in Sales, Lifting and Rigging Products around the United States. I sell for 14 major manufacturers from the U.S., Germany, Sweden, Spain. Most of the Wire Rope comes from Korea.

I now have 2 Grand daughters one is 7 years ole and the other is 3.

enjoying life
Tom Bepler


sb (s@b.com)
Datum:Do 09 Feb 2006 14:23:02 CET



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